Spiritual services and products

Spiritual Services and Products

Spiritual Services and Products

Do you need Spiritual Services and Products? Psychic Readings, Marriages, Naming Ceremonies, Funerals, Spiritual Training and much more.

Spiritual guidance

For those wanting to live in a world of their own design; wishing to gather deeper insight into what the meaning of their life is, Sadulu House offers spiritual guidance in the form of spiritual readings and spiritual training. Developing a healthy and vigorous spiritual outlook on life takes work. Healing and growing in isolation is incredibly difficult, although not impossible.


Spiritual Rituals are what build and sustain community. Your rituals should reflect the values that you hold dear and aspire to. Our Spiritual Products and Services aim to bring out the highest value in whatever setting that they characterize. Whether it is a birth, marriage, funeral, or new home these rites of passage deserve proper tribute and acknowledgment. These events are all an ending of one phase and the beginning of another and should be given the proper energy and process in order for you to receive the full fortune, experience, and lesson they bring. Spiritual Services and products

To assist your spiritual life we offer services and products that will help you to reach your spiritual goals and restore balance in your life.

Spiritual Readings
Spiritual Cleanses
Spiritual Rituals
Ancestral Invocations
Spiritual Training and Group Spiritual Classes
Spiritual Books
Orisha Initiations
Restoration of Spiritual balance and wealth

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Spiritual Education for a Spiritual Life