ANU OBI Set (9 Position)

OBI Divination set

OBI Oracle for Santeria, Lucumi, Yoruba, and Orisa tradition
OBI oracle for you to do your own psychic radings for yourself. Perform nine position divination and work with the IFA Odu.

The OBI oracle is one of the most ancient, tried and proven tools of connecting with the divine messengers.

These OBI are handcrafted and not only contain the sacred cowry shell but, also fashioned coconut shells.

With this type of OBI you will be able to perform 9 position divination cast, as well as cast the 16 major ODU.

These OBI also come with these handmade bags made from beautiful Afrakan fabric with a cowry imprint.
I offer the cowry with these bags because it reminds the owner that these are sacred objects of divination and deserve to be kept in their own sacred place.

These are handmade Obi that are selected and matched intuitively. After they are made, they are then purified and prepared to be used.

With these sets, you'll never have to wonder about which direction to take or what power is governing your life at specific seasons or in particular situations.
The answers from your guardian spirits now are easily reached and can be expressed in an unquestionably clear way.

As these sets are handmade each set may vary in size and shape but, all sets are matched based on the energy the shells share with one another.

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