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Come and be a part of a powerful movement by joining ANU Nation’s writing staff. This is a perfect opportunity for someone who enjoys speaking, writing, blogging, and more importantly; learning about topics related to indigenous ancient spirituality.

Blogging with us will also provide you an opportunity to gain experience working with multiple social media sites such as Face Book, Twitter, Word Press, etc, and learn basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques.

This is a non-paid position that can serve as a creative outlet and help you to build your profile/resume as a blogger/writer and/or gain experience and proficiency with writing.

Blogging with ANU Nation Comes with Benefits:

  • Receive free tuition for ANU Spiritual Training Phases I-III*
  • Gain increased exposure as a writer and blogger
  • Learn basic SEO techniques
  • Learn about indigenous spirituality from a Master Teacher

 *Current students will be scholarshipped into ANU Spiritual Training Phase II-III*

FAQ for Bloggers:

Q: Is this a paid opportunity?

A: No. This is a volunteer opportunity for someone looking to gain experience, as well as for someone looking to build a profile and expand their web presence. This can also serve as a creative outlet for those interested in learning about indigenous spirituality.

Q: Can I copy and paste articles from the web?

A: Absolutely not.  We are looking for original articles. We will provide a template on how to properly construct a blog post and provide the topics for the articles.

Q: How often do I have to submit an article?

A: A schedule will be provided to determine frequency; however articles are due within a week of the assigned topic.

Q: Will I receive credit for my articles?

A: Absolutely! You will receive author credits for your published articles to help you build your profile as a writer/blogger.

Next Steps:

Please contact us at to apply along with a description of your writing experience and a writing sample where applicable.


Effective Communication: Can questions affect spiritual growth?



Wasting Time on Questions

At some point in your life, you were told that “Closed mouths don’t get fed.” You were told to speak up for what you want and to ask a question if you don’t know something. Questions have the abilities to open doors that would otherwise stay shut forever, so we make it our business to ask and ask and ask.

Are we asking the right questions, though? Sometimes, we waste time by consistently asking questions we already know the answers to. This is the equivalent of saying, "Come on! Tell me I'm smart...again!" At other times, we ask questions simply to satisfy our ego’s need to measure someone else’s intelligence. They can't possibly be smarter than us, right?

Having a lack of knowledge or harboring a fear of how the truth might actually change our lives, causes us to waste time focusing on everyone else. As Chief Hru warned us in his show, Solar, Sun Power, Moving off the Grid, “Time is the one commodity you can never get back.” Although asking questions can be a good habit to have, know that time can indeed be wasted on the wrong questions.

Searching for absolute, unchangeable, or universally common truths is a lot like searching for a very specific color of caterpillar in a forest full of trees. Just like there are many types of trees, there are also many spiritual and religious systems, histories, people, thoughts, ancestral energies, and various other truths circulating in existence. Only some truths are timeless however, and only asking the right questions can lead us to them.

When on a quest for truth, every thing in existence becomes our teacher - a bug, a society, an enemy. The key to accessing the knowledge possessed by any entity outside of ourselves, is to ask the right questions of the right entities at the right time. Whether we're asking a tree, an ancestor, or a teacher, asking the right question can set the tone for our next solid move.

As precious as time is, we spend it frivolously, more than anything else.   On his Thunderground Thursday segment, Spiritual Activism,  Hru also shares a most hurtful truth, but a truth nevertheless, “Sometimes, it just takes one turn to the left or the right to really define what we’re going to do and what we’re going to be.” We won't always be allowed second chances.

Asking the right question of the right entity at the right time and as often as possible, ensures that we will only accelerate to the next level on our spiritual paths. Otherwise, we end up sitting in one place, turning in circles for decades. If you've never been in this grid-locked mental space before, then you definitely know someone else who has.

Studying ourselves, the spirits around us, and the knowledge of those we respect, sets us in a perfect position at all times. So, when we do learn Divination or finally gain a few moments of attention from a Master Teacher, we will always be in the position to ask a question that can gain us even more of those moments and propel us forward.

To learn more about questions to ask during divination and more, check out the show that inspired this blog entry:

Foundational Friday: Effective Communications - Questions

Also, if you're ready to really begin studying about spirituality- the basis of all religions and spiritual systems- click below:

Anu Spiritual Training


Testimonial – H. Yuya Assaan-ANU’s Self-Actualization Lectures


Self Actualization With The Cosmic Forces of West Africa Tour

Charles J. Evans

I came in contact with H. Yuya Assaan Anu through Blog Talk Radio.  From the very first podcast I found his approach to spirituality refreshing, interesting, and pragmatic.  Listening to his podcasts it was clear that he possessed a wealth of knowledge that allowed him to make very complex subjects much more easily digestible and understandable.  After listening to about 20 or 30 podcasts, I finally decided to have a reading done.  I was literally blown away.

Admittedly, I am what some people might label a “skeptic”, but I was absolutely disarmed after that reading and joined the class a few weeks later.

There’s an expression the elder’s in my family have about “laying eyes on someone” to know what is really going on with them.  It’s one of the many maxims that I try to incorporate into my daily living.  Even though the stop on the Self-Actualization Tour was over 3 hours away from me I made it my business to go see H. Yuya Assaan Anu in person.  While his session at this event was about an hour, and seemed to go by in 15 minutes, there was an incredible amount of information offered.

Anyone who has listened to a podcast of his knows that you have to take notes and often stop and rewind to get as much as you can written down.  The in person sessions are no different.  You can tell that he enjoys teaching and sharing his experience and expertise on how you can reach your highest level possible.

He also stayed after the session to talk with a few of us on some of the subjects in his session and take them a little deeper.  That’s where I got a sense of his humility and his openness to hearing and listening to the ideas and perspectives of others, even when it came on subjects that he was clearly more knowledgeable about.

One of the first things he said in the session was, “Spirituality is an art and an art can never be mastered”.  This statement set the tone for a session and challenged each of the participants to reconsider what personal power, the ability to create reality, and spiritual understanding are truly all about.  I left that session that day more committed to doing the personal, spiritual work to create my masterpiece.

The tour is certainly worth your time and energy to attend.  You will not regret it and you will definitely leave enlightened and ready to transform your life.


Self Actualization Tour


Self Actualization Tour With The Cosmic Forces of West Africa

Having an experienced Diviner for a teacher has been kind of odd. Watching him work his magic at a workshop though, for the first time, was more than impressive. Just one reading changed my life. Just one workshop ensured my path.

As a student of the Anu Spiritual Training, I'd already expected that a workshop offered by our Chief Jegna -a proven warrior for the people- would be intense.  (I've been on the first phase of the training alone, for almost 9 months now!) What I did not expect, however, was to be captivated by a presentation geared more towards tuning its listeners into their own paths than it was about teaching his own culture.

H. Yuya Assaan-Anu is not a teacher who is known for tapping lightly into any subject. Many of his views are controversial. Most go much deeper than what is traditionally offered in any religion or spiritual system- although his insights serve to actually clarify the teachings of them all.

My first reading from Anu offered exactly that: clarification.  I'd already had an idea of where I wanted to go in life, prior to getting a consultation/ seasonal reading this February.  What I walked away with, however, was an even greater sense of direction.  After the second, which was my Life Path Reading, I became even more aware of the cues and clues that surround me so that I could move along wisely.

 The workshop of the Self Actualization Tour I attended in New York, offered insight into cues, clues, clarifications, and tools but this time...for an entire room of people. That was pretty impressive.

If you have an idea of who you desire to be in life and either can't quite identify your obstacles or don't know how to move them out of your way, then this tour was definitely made for you. You may find that Afrakan spirituality concepts for your Afrakan mind, are just what you need.

There are only a few stops left, so RSVP while you still can at:

You can learn more about Jegna Anu, his tour, or some of his teachings at any of the following sites :