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Come and be a part of a powerful movement by joining ANU Nation’s writing staff. This is a perfect opportunity for someone who enjoys speaking, writing, blogging, and more importantly; learning about topics related to indigenous ancient spirituality.

Blogging with us will also provide you an opportunity to gain experience working with multiple social media sites such as Face Book, Twitter, Word Press, etc, and learn basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques.

This is a non-paid position that can serve as a creative outlet and help you to build your profile/resume as a blogger/writer and/or gain experience and proficiency with writing.

Blogging with ANU Nation Comes with Benefits:

  • Receive free tuition for ANU Spiritual Training Phases I-III*
  • Gain increased exposure as a writer and blogger
  • Learn basic SEO techniques
  • Learn about indigenous spirituality from a Master Teacher

 *Current students will be scholarshipped into ANU Spiritual Training Phase II-III*

FAQ for Bloggers:

Q: Is this a paid opportunity?

A: No. This is a volunteer opportunity for someone looking to gain experience, as well as for someone looking to build a profile and expand their web presence. This can also serve as a creative outlet for those interested in learning about indigenous spirituality.

Q: Can I copy and paste articles from the web?

A: Absolutely not.  We are looking for original articles. We will provide a template on how to properly construct a blog post and provide the topics for the articles.

Q: How often do I have to submit an article?

A: A schedule will be provided to determine frequency; however articles are due within a week of the assigned topic.

Q: Will I receive credit for my articles?

A: Absolutely! You will receive author credits for your published articles to help you build your profile as a writer/blogger.

Next Steps:

Please contact us at to apply along with a description of your writing experience and a writing sample where applicable.

Self Actualization Tour


Self Actualization Tour With The Cosmic Forces of West Africa

Having an experienced Diviner for a teacher has been kind of odd. Watching him work his magic at a workshop though, for the first time, was more than impressive. Just one reading changed my life. Just one workshop ensured my path.

As a student of the Anu Spiritual Training, I'd already expected that a workshop offered by our Chief Jegna -a proven warrior for the people- would be intense.  (I've been on the first phase of the training alone, for almost 9 months now!) What I did not expect, however, was to be captivated by a presentation geared more towards tuning its listeners into their own paths than it was about teaching his own culture.

H. Yuya Assaan-Anu is not a teacher who is known for tapping lightly into any subject. Many of his views are controversial. Most go much deeper than what is traditionally offered in any religion or spiritual system- although his insights serve to actually clarify the teachings of them all.

My first reading from Anu offered exactly that: clarification.  I'd already had an idea of where I wanted to go in life, prior to getting a consultation/ seasonal reading this February.  What I walked away with, however, was an even greater sense of direction.  After the second, which was my Life Path Reading, I became even more aware of the cues and clues that surround me so that I could move along wisely.

 The workshop of the Self Actualization Tour I attended in New York, offered insight into cues, clues, clarifications, and tools but this time...for an entire room of people. That was pretty impressive.

If you have an idea of who you desire to be in life and either can't quite identify your obstacles or don't know how to move them out of your way, then this tour was definitely made for you. You may find that Afrakan spirituality concepts for your Afrakan mind, are just what you need.

There are only a few stops left, so RSVP while you still can at:

You can learn more about Jegna Anu, his tour, or some of his teachings at any of the following sites :



Mathematics and Metaphysics

Mathematics: How are Math and Metaphysics Connected?

Mathematics and Metaphysics


People tend to avoid math at almost every level of education.  It is by far, one of the most complex subjects to learn. If you miss just one step, your entire calculation becomes null and void.

Astrologists, philosophers, historians, and mathematicians hold highly respected positions in almost any society. Numbers are the building blocks of commerce.  They are used to make calculations in various areas of community from calculating statistics to creating software programs.

Our ancestors used numbers for trading and also used them to make necessary predictions.  They understood the vibrations that each number emitted. In Hebrew, one of the earliest languages spoken, each letter and word had a mathematical value.

Our hearts have a steady beat that sets the tone for the rest of our body’s functions.  Our ancestors realized the universe has a heartbeat, with “organs” that function on schedule just like ours.

The movements of our planet provide a perfect example of how precise the energy in this universe operates.  Earth revolves around the sun every 365 days.  It does not take 248 days one year and 421 days the next.It moves as if the Universe is a clock and the Earth is its second hand.  Predictable patterns like this one can be found in all of creation and is expressed by man using mathematics.

Since the earliest civilizations, it has been realized that a pattern can be found to predict almost every occurrence in nature.  Haley’s comet comes predictably every 75-76 years.  Full moons are seen approximately every 30 days.  A human’s body will end up with about 206 bones and 32 teeth in adulthood. Each solstice can be expected to begin at a particular time of the year.

Mathematics is a big part of the magnifying glass with which we can see the clues behind life’s operations.  Each Orisha has its own number or set of numbers.  Mathematics is weaved throughout the lessons of Freemasonry. The Hebrew alphabet has a numerical value that adds to the many dimensions of its language’s meaning.

Numerology is the assigning of metaphysical values to numbers.  In it, each number has a different vibration.  Although there are different methods used to interpret life's patterns, we have noticed that there are many of them that can be observed throughout  history.


Take the number 12 for example:

  • There are 12 cranial nerves in the body
  • There are 12 pairs of ribs in an adult human
  • There are 12 months in a year
  • There are 12 petals in the heart chakra
  • There are 12 zodiac signs
  • There were 12 tribes of Is-ra-el
  • There were 12 apostles of Jesus
  • There are 12 Olympians of the Greek pantheon







The list goes on and the patterns of numbers that can be identified are countless.  As you begin to “connect the dots,” you will realize that there is very little coincidence to those connections.  You will learn that mathematics is the language of the Gods.

In the Anu Spiritual Training, Hru Yuya T. Assaan-Anu teaches the science of breaking patterns down. Join the class and learn how to create formulas that work just  for you:

Yemaya is honored in many ways across the globe.

Yemaya: How can saltwater help to elevate you?

Orisha Yemaya, Yemoja, Yemaja

Orisha Yemaya, also known as Yemoja in Yoruba, is widely hailed as the energy source of all water across the planet.  Some bodies of water however, consist of fresh and some are saltwater.

Ninety-seven percent of the Earth’s water is salt water.  Yemaya collects salt and other minerals from land and places it into the ocean.  This active role makes her the spirit of rivers specifically, and the oceans and seas that rivers feed.

In the Yoruba spirituality system of Ifa, all active life forces are thought to have originally developed in these waters.  Among the first to emerge, were countless Gods and Goddesses.

Being the spirit of this life-giving water, Yemaya is revered as “The Great Mother” energy of all energies.  She resides in the sacral chakra and has an unmatched ability to nurture.

In darkness, Yemaya nurtures and brings forth that which has conceived into existence.  From the womb to entering this world and maturing in it, we can see how Yamaya is always with us.

Amniotic fluid preserve each new life in its mother's womb until she becomes the gateway through which it is born.  From her bosom she nurtures it and as a child, she embraces and empowers it.  As an adult, she reminds it of its roots and foundational principles.


Yemaya/ Yemoja’s presence in our daily lives…


Demonstrated with Salt Water


Salt water flushes for the digestive track

Purifies, Heals

Tears are said to “purify” the soul, surgeons use saline (saltwater) to encourage connective tissue growth

Protects, preserves

Amniotic Fluid protects an unborn child and saltwater is used as a common food preservative.


The density of salt water allows it to hold a greater amount of energy than freshwater. In bodily fluids as an electrolyte, salt greatly assists our body in its using electric impulses for brain communication and it specifically controls the electric signals that cause the heart to beat.


Things float easiest on top of salt water


Sea salt scrubs are used in spas to soften skin, salt is used to soften water in homes, and the rocks of rivers are often very smooth to touch


The water in our bodies ensure that electrolytes, such as potassium and even salt, remain in balance causing a steady heart beat



What does this mean to you who are now full grown?

Just as in childhood, we still have new ideas, desire to blaze new paths, and develop new understandings. Yemaya’s energy can be invoked for use at very specific levels during the development of each of our goals.

As we welcome her into our lives however, we must take time to invest in learning all that is necessary to greet this energy with “open hands.”  We must take time to balance our intentions...ensuring that our attempt at conjuring a river does not mistakenly lead to creating a hurricane.

Click on the link below for classes that will teach you how to adequately prepare for and to utilize this and other Orisha energies: